Amaltea Foundation

The Foundation of Bilingual Education „Amaltea” began its statutory activity in 2016, based on many years of experience in running the ABC Bilingual Kindergarten and the Bilingual Primary School No. 1 in Warsaw – Wesoła. The main goal of the Foundation is to conduct educational activities focused on high-quality education using Content and Language Integrated Learning.

The Foundation supports activities related to education and upbringing and promotes family values. It works to help families and people in difficult life situations. It supports charity activities, paying particular attention to the local community. Actively promotes the idea of ​​volunteering. It undertakes activities for ecology, nature and animal protection.

By working for the development of young people, it strives to popularize physical culture and sports, promotes sightseeing and active recreation for children and youth.

It undertakes numerous activities for European integration and the development of international contacts and cooperation, enabling both students and teaching staff to exchange experiences during foreign trips.